Mega Truck

Class Rules

1. Tires must be at least 48" tall.


2. Axles must be 2 1/2 ton or larger.


3. Any engine combination.


4. Must have driveline containment/ u joint shield.


5. Must have working RII (Remote Ignition Interrupter) will test each race. If you do not have a Rll one will be provided for 1 race only, after that you will have to furnish your own. 3 Built LLC (818) 574-5334 Email: sales@3builtcom


6. Must have at least a fire extinguisher (Co2 recommended) within reach of driver or fire suppression system.


7. Must have a containment seat of some type.


8. NO OEM frames! Tube chassis of some type with roll cage.


9. Must have some type of master disconnect switch at rear of vehicle.


10. Drivers must wear a neck restraint of some type. NO NECK ROLLS.


11. Drivers must wear a full fire suit NO JEANS (pants/jacket)


12. Full face Helmets required. No open face helmets allowed FULL FACE HELMET


13. Must have a minimum of 5 point harness belts.


14. Full boots/fire shoes are required. No open toe!


15. Use common sense and have fun TRUCKS must meet every rule every pass.